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PennyPot Superstars

The Super Stars is situated near the entrance; this is a bright airy room, with defined areas of play, The role play area allows children to re-create scenes from home life and their own experiences. There is always a theme set up usually linking to our topic of the term, but a large selection of all different role play costumes are always available for the children to use their own imagination. There is also a book corner with a cosy sofa and  large bright cushions for the children to sit and read to themselves or share a book with friends or staff. This area can also be used for quiet time if children feel the need.

There is a creative area where children are able to access a wide variety of material and media to create their master pieces. It is fully equipped with items to develop their fine motor skills such as scissors, pencils etc. The children enjoy choosing pieces to go onto the art gallery wall which is situated along the main corridor for all parents and visitors to see.

Another area incorporates small world toys and a construction area. There is also a tool kit which the children use in small supervised groups. They have to wear goggles and learn to follow the safety rules.

There is also a maths/ICT area with a large interactive whiteboard, this is also used for interactive learning for example the children enjoy jolly phonics, where they learn a small rhyme and actions to every sound of the alphabet. Cameras and other equipment are also available that will enhance early maths skills.

The garden is an extension to our indoor space and the children have easy access to this area and have the opportunity come rain, shine or even snow to explore their outdoor environment. It is mainly laid with soft play matting. There is a digging area, sensory walk, large climbing apparatus, and paved area to use with larger toys. We have an area for children to sit and read books surrounded by plants such as lavender, herbs and grasses. The vegetable patch encourages the children to develop their understanding of how plants need to be looked after and watered to help them grow and therefore produce food for us to eat. The nursery project is to help sustain the bee population and therefore any planting will take this into consideration, we have also introduced a Bug Hotel, which the children thoroughly enjoyed making and watching as the bugs started to make it their home.

We have also introduced the recycling bin at lunch time, where the children have been learning about food waste and what we can do with all the left overs, and how the worms turn it into wonderful fertiliser for the gardens.

In the Super Stars our activities on offer cover the 7 areas of learning, 3 Prime Areas and 4 Specific Areas, for the children's development and planning their next steps:

Prime Areas

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Language and Communication

Specific Areas



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design

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