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          We now have French Lessons at Penny Pot on a Tuesday morning for 2 year olds and upwards


  • Harrogate Mini Kicks, Specialist Teachers providing physical exercise for your child. 
  • Tuesday is Gardening Club.
  • Wednesday Baking Club

PennyPot BrightButtonsOur baby room is a homely warm environment and is situated at the far end of the nursery. There is a well-equipped changing/potty training room. The large playroom is light and airy they are fitted with low level shelving, where babies can learn to stand and toddlers are able to choose which toy they would like to explore.

The younger babies and non-movers have a room dedicated to their needs. It is fitted with parquet flooring which helps with crawling; they have their own low-level soft chairs and quickly progress to the low chairs at the table for snacks, lunch and tea, thus developing their independence and social skills.

The babies enjoy fresh air; they are frequently taken for walks in our quadruple buggies and have great fun exploring their outdoor environment.

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We encourage self-motivation as a basis for learning within a stimulating environment, developing and building on children`s curiosity, interest and fascination for the world around them. Sensory activities are offered daily and will help and support all areas of a child`s development. E.g.:

Play dough


In the baby unit using the EYFS guidance we target the 3 prime areas of learning for the children's development and planning their next steps.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Language and Communication

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