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  • TUESDAY MORNING - French Club for children aged 2+ (on hold at this moment) AND Baking Club
  • THURSDAY MORNING - Pyjama Drama! (on hold at this moment) come in and do a fun play based drama session which is proving extremely popular! Please check out their website to see the exciting activities they offer!
  • FRIDAY MORNING is our Science Club for all the future Scientists

PennyPot CleverCatsThe Clever Cats are situated next to the garden area, another bright, airy, spacious room for the children to explore, play and develop. This room has slightly more structured routines, and as the children settle and progress they are given more and more independance, preparing them for preschool, as at this age chilren will begin to start potty training etc. The staff endeavour to work closely with parents to crack the potty training stage with their children.

They have a fairly large airy room together with a separate changing/potty training room and continuous access to the outdoor space. Part of this room has a well-stocked home corner and role-play section and an interesting book corner. This is an area where children can develop and use their imaginations as they wish, this room is imaginatively resourced to encourage creativity or offer somewhere cosy to read a book. The other part is filled with small world toys, a painting easel and a variety of equipment for them to explore. They are able to build and play with along with access to different media in order for them to create their own masterpiece. The children move around with confidence and benefit from knowledgeable staff that support their development. All together this room coveres all 7 areas of the EYFS and weekly/monthly/yearly planning is  completed by the staff members according to every childs personal interests and development stages.

Continual use and easy access to the garden, along with walks to the local park to allow every child to have fresh air and time for their ever developing physical skills, as well as exploring the local community.

Colourful displays of children's work decorate the indoor rooms. In this room using the EYFS guidance we target the 3 prime areas of learning for the children's development and planning their next steps:

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Physical Development

Language and Communication

Moving onto the remaining Specific areas of learning 



Understanding the World

Expressive Arts and Design


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