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  • TUESDAY MORNING - French Club for children aged 2+ (on hold at this moment) AND Baking Club
  • THURSDAY MORNING - Pyjama Drama! (on hold at this moment) come in and do a fun play based drama session which is proving extremely popular! Please check out their website to see the exciting activities they offer!
  • FRIDAY MORNING is our Science Club for all the future Scientists

penny pot nursery settling in

We realise how important the first few days and weeks are in Nursery. For many of our children it may be the first time away from their family.

We make sure that this time, and all the rest of their time in Nursery, is positive, safe and welcoming. The team at Penny Pot strive to build possitive, secure relationships with both parents and the children to make the process for everyone as possitive and as comfortable as possible.

In order to do this we:

Offer “settling in” sessions for children and their families to come along to before they start nursery to enable them to meet the staff and other children, while familiarising themselves with their new environment. The sessions consist of three hour long visits, two of which parents are present and one hour drop off visit. During the visits the staff will get to know as much about your child and family life as possible in order to make the transition in to nursery life as smooth as can be. 


We will always keep in contact with parents as much as is needed during the settling in process to reassure parents their child is happy, and also if their child is unhappy the best way to make your child feel more confortable. 

we endeavour to Create a really enjoyable learning environment for your child with lots of learning through play and plenty of positive interaction with their new friends making learning challenging and fun.

We have an open door policy! Please feel free to speak to any member of staff at any time, we are always happy to help and give advice on any matter.

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