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  • TUESDAY MORNING - we offer a french group for the children aged 2+ 
  • THURSDAY MORNING - Pyjama Drama! come in and do a fun play based drama session which is proving extremely popular! Please check out their website to see the exciting activities they offer! 
  • THURSDAY AFTERNOON is Gardening Club - run in house with our lovely Rebecca and Romina.
  • WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON is Baking Club - run in house with our keen baker Sarah.

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  • "C's development over the past six months, from walking to talking and beyond, has been impressive, helped in no small part by the support and learning she enjoys daily at Penny Pot. The team is fantastic at what it does - creative and caring, positive, professional and friendly. The staff strongly encourages social as well as intellectual development, bringing on C's ability to engage with and respect others while learning in creative and fun ways.Penny Pot offers a great environment for children to develop, learn and, most of all, have fun." James K Oct 19
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