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          We now have French Lessons at Penny Pot on a Tuesday morning for 2 year olds and upwards


  • Harrogate Mini Kicks, Specialist Teachers providing physical exercise for your child. 
  • Tuesday is Gardening Club.
  • Wednesday Baking Club

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During a session your child may be involved in:-

Using a picture/name card, to show us they are here when we welcome them at the beginning of the session.

Participating in key person led small group focused activities. this could be learning German, Spanish or the Gardening Club.

The opportunity to have a go at activities planned for them by their key person around their interests and capabilities.

Outdoor play, exploring the living willow sculpture, water play feature, climbing and playing on the slide, mark making on the chalk board, painting with water, caring for our plants and vegetables we are growing in the garden.

Enjoying a healthy snack of milk or water and a selection of fruit and vegetables, which the children cut up themselves before eating.

To end the session we usually have a group story or circle time, children may wish to share with their friends at this time something they have made or done throughout the session. We also encourage the children to think about what they may like to do the next day, involving them in the planning of the activities available for them.

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